Advertisement in  ELE TAXI


 We would like to enchain your attention to the possibility of advertising offered by our company. We offer its realization using  ELE TAXI taxis - as mobile advertising media, constantly moving along the streets of Warsaw and the surrounding area. The offer covers  also taxis of our partner corporations in Gdansk, Lodz, Katowice, Poznan, Olsztyn and Wroclaw. In total of over 4,000 taxis.


 Advertising materials made of foil OWV


There is a possibility of placing advertising materials made of  One Way Vision foil (OWV). This foil has a large number of small holes - perforations so that even after sealing the window from the outside, the visibility of people inside is not limited. OWV foil is resistant to weather conditions, mechanical damage and abrasion. Thanks to solvent prints  we can also obtain amazing color effects which will surely attract the attention.




 There is also the possibility of placing advertisements on our website   The form and length of the campaign is tailored to the customer’s needs.



We also encourage you to advertise your services on our modern LED panel which is perfectly visible both during the day and night. The first association - New York taxi. Your advertisement will not be unnoticed.


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