ELE Business Class




If comfortable and safe ELE TAXI taxis are not enough, use the vehicles from the Business Class segment, which has been created for the most demanding passengers. There are  50 limousines manufactured by leading brands representing the highest standard at your disposal. The drivers speak foreign languages, are dressed in uniform, tailor-made suits. There are always current newspapers and drinks, and, in case of rain, an umbrella. We take care of individual rides, conferences, business trips, special events (weddings, inaugurations, events). Ele Business Class will make you feel special.





Business Class Limousines constitute a fleet of Ele TAXI and as such provide standard taxi service. Therefore, there are two price lists as regards the limousines:

1. If you order an ordinary taxi via phone (22 8111111) and your order is directed to Business Class, then the usual rates apply, that is 2.40 / km (for customers who cooperate with us and individual customers).

2. If you decide to select Business Class consciously and define it while ordering (22 8111111 or 22 7 555 555 dedicated Business Class), Business Class rates apply, that is 3 PLN / km. In addition, each reservation of Business Class costs 60 PLN.

3. If you get in to Business Class taxi at a standstill or stop it in traffic, Business Class rates apply as well, but in such a case you do not pay reservation fee.