How to order?


Different people, different needs, different styles of calling TAXI

Choose the most convenient manner of ordering Ele Taxi.

Call, click or simply go to kiosk to get a taxi ticket!


Our telephone exchange supports 100 telephone operators, each one has  vast knowledge of the topography of Warsaw and speaks at least one foreign language.

Online form for ordering a taxi.

Taxis can be ordered at any time using an online form on our website. You have to enter your phone number, the exact time, date and the address for the taxi to arrive at. The order will be confirmed by a text message sent to registered phone number.


APZ (Automatic Acceptance of Orders) is a system which remembers your order and when you press a corresponding number on your phone it will automatically send a taxi to the indicated address. You do not have to wait for a notification from our telephone exchange. If you are using this form of placing an order, you are under the care of our Virtual Operator.

 If you want to use this service - report it to the Operator by calling 22 811 11 11.

naviTAXI - is a mobile application thanks to which you can order a taxi in Poland, even when you do not know your current localization. The service is available throughout the country through the National Taxi Network TAXI POLSKA 19100


This application is available on the most popular mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone - in selected stores with applications (eg. Appstore, Windows Market etc.)


TAXIkiosk - wouldn’t it be cool if you were able to buy a taxi ticket? Now you can!


In our virtual kiosk you can purchase a ticket for a specific route in the largest Polish cities! Taxi ticket is an absolute novelty on the market. You enter the date, time, start address and destination. Then you pay via PayU and you get a text message with a confirmation code, which you have to show to the driver. You don’t pay any additional fees even if the taximeter indicates a higher amount. You don’t lose the value of the taxi ticket  if you do not use it within the indicated time! Keep the code from the text message and use it realizing any taxi ride by ELE TAXI or other taxi company with the quality mark TAXI POLSKA in any city