Offer for companies




Do you run a business? Do your employees often use taxis? We ask you to read the offer of ELE TAXI dedicated to companies and other organizations. Establishing permanent cooperation with us will help you in significant reduction of costs and will provide you with the tools to monitor them. The cooperation agreement with ELE TAXI is valid throughout the country. As a result, your employees are free to use taxis in all cities, using ELE TAXI card, and you obtain a collective invoice once a month. You can always check the status of your account by logging via "Customer Zone" on webpage


We present you a product, which will help you with settling the rides generated by employees, ensuring constant access to monitoring and managing the trips in your company. After signing the Agreement, each customer receives a login and password. If you want to use the system, simply go to our website and log in using the folder "Customer Zone".




The Ele Taxi company provides non-cash services in other cities as well, on the basis of partnership agreements with corporations recommended by Ele Taxi, within the framework of the National Taxi Network TAXI POLSKA 19100. These corporations accept Non-cash Ele Taxi Cards, JKK coupons, single credit coupons by Ele Taxi.   Learn more about the products concerning non-cash services.