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Taxi drivers - The rescuers

 A world-wide precedent. Taxi drivers the rescuers and medical equipment in a taxi! 

Have you ever wondered what your taxi driver can do for you? 

We are delighted to inform you that thanks to our company’s actions and spectacular interventions of our drivers, the lives of a dozen or so people were saved in the last two years. Almost every day, somewhere on the streets of Warsaw, an ELE TAXI driver intervenes in a just cause of selflessly coming to somebody’s aid .

We are the only ones in the world to use the potential of a taxi corporation to help people injured in sudden traffic accidents. We assumed that the profession of a taxi driver creates certain unique possibilities that can be used in a just cause. A group of 1500 taxi drivers rescuers, communicating with each other thanks to the use of the latest technologies, and moving about the city creates a kind of vanguard of emergency service. Whether someone survives is often a matter of moments. Our drivers are frequently the first ones waiting for such moments. 




We trained them all so they can professionally provide first aid when somebody’s life is in danger. All the ELE TAXI drivers completed the basic first aid course in the scope of Road Accident Rescue. From the group of 1500 trained drivers emerged an additional group that continuously keeps broadening its knowledge in this field (AFA Advanced First Aid Courses culminating in state examination, giving appropriate Certificates and titles of AFA Road Accident Rescuers). We equipped the taxis of AFA drivers with professional life-saving equipment - AED defibrillators and R0 first aid kits. 


Our actions were appreciated by the Partnership for Road Safety Association which, at the end of 2013, presented us with the “Partner of Road Safety” title and the COMPANY OF THE YEAR award for being an excellent example for other companies and real support for emergency services. The ELE TAXI rescuers are members of the Road Rescue Operational Team (RROT) which, by decision of the Governor of Mazowieckie region, was registered in 2014 as an official entity cooperating with the system of the National Medical Rescue.

On 15 October 2014, in the Security and Crisis Management Office, an agreement was signed between the ELE TAXI company, represented by our Automobilklub “Warszawski” association, and the capital city of Warsaw, represented by Ewa Gawor, the Director of the above-mentioned office, whereby the drivers are obliged to be a support for the city in case of emergencies.

One of the projects in which the ELE TAXI rescuers are engaged is “ELE TAXI for Children” - it is an educational action carried out in kindergartens and schools, where children get to know for example: how to safely provide first aid, how resuscitation (artificial respiration) is performed, how to put on a dressing correctly, how to call for help or secure the accident site. Our rescuers look after children during school trips, secure parties, events and business trips and provide trainings for companies on performing first aid, culminating in a certificate.